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     The technician who cleaned our carpets was both friendly and professional. Thank you and highly recommend!
Mike B.10/07/2024
     I could not be more grateful for my experience at HadleyWoodCarpetCleaners. Conversations went smoothly and quickly, and the team members were all exceptionally welcoming.
Path J.18/12/2023
     My house clean up went superbly well; it was methodical, organised and incredibly hassle-free! The cleaners worked brilliantly!
     Quite simply, the cleaners were superb - they both had a high level of professionalism and rejuvenated the look of our carpet to make it appear completely untouched!
G. Teegan25/10/2023
     The cleaners demonstrated immense friendliness and politeness while handling my oven - the product was flawless! Additionally, they put everything back to where it belonged; this left me feeling ecstatic enough that I needed to look at it almost tenfold!
Sarah E.06/07/2023
     The carpet cleaning team from HadleyWoodCarpetCleaning did a superb job. My carpet looks as if I'd just purchased it.
Jimmy T19/05/2020
     As a property manager, I'm used to seeing tenants coming and going. Some of them are tidy, and others are not. That's why I hired Hadley Wood Cleaner. They are an excellent end of tenancy cleaning company! They know what to do and get the job done right every time! The only cleaning service that I've ever used!
Kimberly Palmer20/09/2019
     My wife and I had just bought a new carpet when there was a spill. We tried to remove it, but we failed. We called HadleyWoodCarpetCleaning to see if they could help and they most certainly did. Their cleaner arrived and within an hour, the carpet looked as if we'd just bought it. They were a great help and I can't thank them enough.
Jamie Knapper31/07/2015
     I had stains in my carpets that were beginning to grate on me and I needed a professional carpet cleaner to get them out as Vanish mousse hadn't worked for me. HadleyWoodCarpetCleaning did a brilliant job and I'm surprised at just how good the results were. Using some sort of machine and some cleaning solution they had brought with them, they managed to get rid of all the stains and the carpets really were as good as new by the time they had finished. I am very pleased with the service and would certainly recommend this cleaning company to others.
Pete K.14/11/2014
     I called HadleyWoodCarpetCleaning after deciding to turn over a new leaf. I didn't realise that my skirting boards were white! Terrible I know, but I didn't have time for it. From working out that I could probably afford a cleaner I decided to give this company a go. And I've told a few people at the office that they should do the same! - Don't waste your extra money on this or that, having a much cleaner flat is amazing, its now nearly always immaculate... I would suggest anyone who can afford it, to give them a call, they're actually a lot cheaper than you would think!
     When professional services are needed, I prefer to hire one that I can trust. I have hired many in the past, but none have really come close to meeting my standards. This was true until I got in touch with HadleyWoodCarpetCleaning. They were very different, in that they treated me like a valued customer. When I let someone loose around my home, I want to be sure that they can be trusted, and with this company I definitely get that feeling. Not only that, but these cleaners exceed the quality that I would expect from a service so inexpensive. To put things succinctly; they did a far better job than many other companies that I've hired, even ones more expensive. I am pleased as punch!
Rachel T.29/08/2014
     I hope that all reading this will understand that I am not just wiring this for fun. HadleyWoodCarpetCleaning are an excellent company, and deserve as much business as they can get, they certainly made my life a lot easier over the last few months. I am very pleased to have found them, and hope that passing their name on will ensure that others are as happy with their newly cleaned homes as I am every day with mine! An amazing service for a great price, and with a smile as well, which is certainly rare.
Heather Hughes31/07/2014
     As a student living with 3 other students, we aren't naturally the cleanliest group of people. Usually our flat was kept in a fairly decent state but with the exam period coming, the kitchen in particular was getting too far out of hand. We all agreed that since we couldn't come up with some sort of system to stick to, the next obvious option would be to hire a cleaner. We went with HadleyWoodCarpetCleaning because of their great reviews and they haven't disappointed. Our flat has never been cleaner and we don't even need to worry about the cost because it is so student friendly!
Matt E.16/07/2014
     Cleaning my home was such a chore and it was one which I was starting to dread. As I started having to dedicate more and more time to the process, the thought finally got too much and I relented and decided to hire in some expert help. After consulting with a few friends, it seemed that HadleyWoodCarpetCleaning were my best bet and they've hugely delivered. My house is so, so clean and I cannot help but be thankful for all the work they've put in. And I've got so much free time now! It's a nice experience, knowing everything's clean.
Mary Strauss04/06/2014
     After my wife passed away I couldn't face doing the housework at home. My wife used to take care of most of the housework and trying to do what she did was far to upsetting to comprehend. I noticed an advert for HadleyWoodCarpetCleaning and gave them a ring, they were so helpful and understanding and I didn't feel embarrassed one bit. My home looks amazing now and it's made my life so much easier too, I have picked up so many tips during their visit that I now know that I'll be able to do some of these jobs that I thought I couldn't manage. But I still hire them every so often because I'll never be able to the job as good as them, thank you from.